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Oravax is developing
breakthrough technologies for the
oral delivery of vaccines

Find out what our technology can do for Covid-19

Oral administration of vaccines is not only the most patient-friendly route, it also improves vaccine efficacy through better accessibility and compliance. Oral delivery should significantly lower the cost of administration and help encourage a larger percentage of the population to get vaccinated.

Due to the inherent hurdles presented by the digestive system, an exceptionally small fraction of vaccines are available in an oral format.

Oravax is developing an oral Covid-19 vaccine. The Oravax technology seamlessly integrates a novel approach to vaccines from Premas Biotech based on their D-Crypt™ technology with an oral delivery platform from Oramed Pharmaceuticals based on their proprietary POD™ delivery technology.

Oravax is based on cutting edge technology from
Oramed Pharmaceuticals & Premas Biotech.

Oramed Pharmaceuticals is a platform technology pioneer in the field of oral delivery solutions for drugs currently delivered via injection. Oramed’s proprietary Protein Oral Delivery (POD™) technology allows for the oral delivery of therapeutic proteins and vaccines.

Premas Biotech is an innovative developer and manufacturer of novel biotherapeutic & vaccine candidates. Premas' key areas of focus include: infectious diseases, cancer, metabolic disorders and inflammation. Premas’s novel D-Crypt™ platform technology focuses on difficult to express proteins .

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